Friday, January 3, 2014

Were you paying attention in 2013?

About a month ago, I found myself trying to write a holiday letter to send out with our Christmas cards. I gave up and wrote a quiz instead, which I thought might be more fun and quirky than the overly formulaic "2013 was quite the year..." type letter.

For the past hour, I've been trying to write a blog post about 2013 in review. An exercise about as formulaic as writing a holiday letter. So I'm giving up and sharing the quiz with you instead. Also, I'm too lazy to be creative because it is Friday night and there is wine to drink.

At any rate, play along and let's see if you were paying attention in 2013!!!


A Holiday Quiz

How well do you know Jay, Hubby and Fergus? Take their holiday quiz and find out! If you creep them on social media, this should be pretty easy! Answers below!

1.     In Spring 2013, Hubby and Jay embarked on another European adventure. Which of these cities was not featured on their tour?
a.     Vienna,Austria
b.     London,England
d.     Prague, Czech Republic
e.     Munich,Germany

a.     To see Springsteen in concert
b.     Jay had never been to Vienna
c.     Planning for their retirement
d.     To see if there is good wine in Austria

3.     Which musical acts did Hubby and Jay see in concert in 2013?
a.     Pearl Jam
b.     Bruce Springsteen
c.     Imagine Dragons, Mumford and Sons, the Lumineers and the Cure
d.     Patti Smyth and the Avett Brothers
e.     All of the above

4.     In 2013, Fergus took his love of herding to new heights when he chased which big game animal?
a.     Black bear
b.     Our neighbour’s 16-year old
c.     An elk
d.     A deer

a.     Boston
b.     Buffalo
c.     Philadelphia
d.     Brooklyn

6.     Jay and Hubby travelled to which cold prairie city for the Grey Cup this year?
a.     Winnipeg, Manitoba
b.     Calgary, Alberta
c.     Edmonton, Alberta
d.     Regina, Saskatchewan

7.     Who played and who won?

8.     Jay started a new job this year with which department?
a.     Canada Revenue Agency
b.     Parks Canada
c.     Canadian Heritage
d.     Public Health Agency of Canada

9.     Hubby won the lead role in a play at the Ottawa Little Theatre. What was the name of the play?
a.     Lost in Paradise
b.     Still Lost in Paradise
c.     Just Another Day in Paradise
d.     Paradise City

10.  For most of 2013, we welcomed a long-term visitor into our home. Who is she/he?
a.     Sadie the cat
b.     Fritz the cat
c.     Bella the husky
d.     Hobbes the French bulldog

Answers: 1(d); 2(a); 3(e); 4(a); 5(c); 6(d); 7(Saskatchewan beat Hamilton); 8(d); 9(b); 10(a)

Happy (belated) holidays!!!