Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The love affair continues

This morning, as I was standing in my kitchen pouring myself a fourteenth cup of coffee (it was a sleepless night...), I looked up and saw this:

This is not a usual spot for Fergus to perch. Unless one of us is still upstairs sleeping and he is waiting for us to come down. Such was not the case this morning. Hubby was in the kitchen with me, lecturing me about drinking fourteen cups of coffee.

"What are you doing up there, friend?" Hubby broke away from lecturing me long enough to ask.

Fergus didn't flinch at the sound of his favourite boy human's voice. Didn't even lift his head. Just went on seemingly staring into space, looking sad as sad can be...

And what does this dog have to be sad about?!? He'd been for a 6k run through the streets of downtown Ottawa, where everyone smiled at him as he showed off his athletic prowess by jumping over benches and tree planters. He'd stopped in the dog park for a good long sniff and to run circles around the other puppies. And he'd already chowed down on his delicious breakfast!

And then I realized that he wasn't really staring out into space. He was staring at...

...Monkey! Who was perched up too high for him to grab from the ground floor, and on too precarious of a ledge for him to walk out and grab.

"Aha!" I exclaimed! "He's staring at Monkey!"

As soon as I said the word, Fergus jumped up, started wagging his entire tailless bum, and panted excitedly.

So I threw Monkey up the stairs, and Fergus proceeded to whip him around, run up and down the stairs while clutching Monkey in his jowls, and settle down to chew on his tail, which is miraculously still hanging (but only by a thread or two).

I left him and Monkey to their own devices as I went up to shower and get ready for work. When I came back down the stairs, I found this:

Fergus staring Monkey down on the stairwell. Probably plotting how to chew off that damn tail once and for all.

Or maybe planning his next cuddle session...

At least Monkey has survived another day.